is confronting
the climate crisis.

UN scientists agree that humans need to cut emissions in half before 2030 to avoid irreversible consequences. Together we can do it.

the Monteverde Commission for Resilience to Climate Change,
works to

reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
capture much more carbon than we emit,
adapt as fast as possible and
serve as an example for the rest of the world.

We promote Costa Rica's National Strategy for Climate Change by:

Monitoring changes

To manage our progress, we measure the carbon we emit and capture, and how we are adapting to a changing climate.

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Facilitating action

We support the implementation of low-emission technologies and practices.

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Motivating people

We inspire and empower people to act on climate change in ways that also satisfy their personal needs.

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Mobilizing resources

We cultivate financial and human support for climate action.

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Offset your footprint