How can we reduce emissions from transportation, electricity and
liquid petroleum gas (LPG)?


33% of Monteverde's emissions
  • • Walk when you can.
  • • Ride a bicycle.
  • • Be part of Bicionarios de Monteverde.
  • • Use and support collective transportation: buses, trains, carpooling, and shared taxis.
  • • Drive an electric vehicle: car, truck, bus, golf cart, motorcycle or bicycle.
  • • Install bike racks and electric charging stations for your clients and employees.
  • • Be part of the Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde.
  • Offset Your Footprint with our transportation emissions calculator.
  • • Fly less.
  • • Travel lightly.
  • • Consume local products.
  • • Work from home instead of commuting.
  • • Invest in carbon neutral cargo ships.


2% of Monteverde's emissions
  • • Save electricity: Turn off lights. Unplug appliances that are not in use. Buy appliances that save energy.
  • • Dry your clothes outside or under clear plastic roofing instead of in a dryer.
  • • Use LED lightbulbs. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs contain mercury which pollutes water systems if put in the trash.
  • • Use solar lamps.
  • • Install a solar water heater.
  • • Install solar panels.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

11% of Monteverde's emissions
  • • Eliminate gas leaks. Replace the Central American valve on your gas tank with a screw valve.
  • • Cook with electricity instead of gas. Induction stoves are precise, fast, and use minimal electricity.
  • • Use biogas from a bio-digester.