How can we reduce emissions from agriculture and livestock while capturing carbon with our forests and soils?


4% of Monteverde's emissions come from agriculture,
mostly from nitrogen fertilizers.
  • • Use compost instead of chemical fertilizers.
  • • Nurture the soil with microorganisms (EM or MM).
  • • Incorporate trees on your farm.
  • • Reuse water for irrigation.
  • • Do not use fire to clear land or brush.
  • • Avoid tilling the soil.


29% of Monteverde's emissions come from livestock
  • • Replace feed concentrate with highly nutritious and digestible forage.
  • • Replace chemical fertilizers with processed manure and compost.
  • • Install a bio-digester.
  • • Plant trees in and around pastures.
  • • Do not let livestock enter forest so that they do not damage the understory.


Trees and soils are our best tools to capture carbon.
  • • Protect existing forests.
  • • Plant trees. To obtain native trees in Monteverde, contact the Monteverde Institute.
  • • Create corridors by connecting forest patches.
  • • Prevent fires in pastures and forests.
  • • Support local conservation organizations, especially The Children’s Eternal Rainforest, the largest private reserve in Costa Rica.