Who we are


Unite efforts in Monteverde to lower emissions, capture carbon and adapt to climate change.


A Monteverde that captures much more carbon than we emit and that serves as a model for resilience to climate change.

CORCLIMA has many faces.
Public. Private. Civil. Community. Institutional. Individual.

We are:

Members of the Special Commission

Katy VanDusen
Coordinator, CORCLIMA
Larissa Arroyo
Coordinator, Emissions Inventory
Yeudy Ramírez
Mayor, Monteverde District
María Isabel González
Vice-mayor, Monteverde District
Fern Perkins
Academic Director, Monteverde Institute
Gabriela McAdam
Architect; Coordinator, Adaptation Plan
Yadira Trejos
President, Monteverde District Council
Walter Bello
Councilman, Monteverde District Council
José Cruz
Don Juan Coffee Tour
Evelyn Obando
Communications Consultant
María José Ventura
Electric Mobility Consultant
Dinieth Villalobos
Monteverde Youth Network

Other Team Coordinators

Felicia Vargas
Project Manager, Collective Transportation Prototypes
Milena Ramírez
Coordinator, Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde
Orlando Calvo
Coordinator, Social Media and Tourism Climate Action (ACTUR)
Cristopher Romero
Web Developer


We greatly appreciate the organizations and businesses that work with us to realize our mission. Our collective future depends on it. If you would like to partner with us, please get in touch.