By Luis Pérez, Katy VanDusen and Evelyn Obando


EV Friendly Monteverde

In recent months, the Monteverde Commission for Reslieince to Climate Change (CORCLIMA) has been working on a new project. We are making Monteverde into the first electric vehicle (EV) friendly community in Costa Rica and Latin America.


A Support Network

The Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde will be a support network for electric vehicles traveling to Monteverde from different parts of the country. Here they will find a community with expertise on electric mobility that is happy to share electric outlets and vehicle chargers.


The Ruta Eléctrica will include:

  • At least 8 charging stations along each of the roads that arrive in Monteverde from the following cities: San José, Jacó, Nosara, Liberia, and La Fortuna.
  • Different charging options. ICE will offer super-fast and semi-fast charging stations (240V). Restaurants and tourist attractions will allow clients to charge cars with 240V or 120V while enjoying their products and services. This will help to differentiate their businesses.
  • Information on the location of charging stations available on virtual maps, posters at charging stations, and road signs. Soon we hope that these charging stations will appear on WAZE and Google Maps.
  • Emergency charging services with portable batteries along the route.
  • Hotels and other businesses in Monteverde that offer the use of a charger or at least the ability to connect their own to an outlet.

Fighting Climate Change

The Ruta Eléctrica aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. More than 44% pf Costa Rica’s greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuel vehicles. At the same time, 98% of the electricity in Costa Rica is produced without fossil fuels.

This project will accelerate the transition to electric mobility and the de-carbonization of the Costa Rica’s economy.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like more information about the Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde, send us an email at