Monteverde recently extended its sustainable influence to the sea.  Danielle Doggett  and Lynx Guimond, both Monteverde residents, have started one of the most ambitious Costa Rican climate action projects. Through their company Sailcargo Inc., they are building the first sailing vessel that will provide the service of zero emission maritime cargo transport. CEIBA is the name of the first vessel.

How will their shipping vessel does not contaminate the environment?

Very simple. CEIBA will not use any fossil fuels to operate.

It will be a traditional three-masted sailing vessel that will be powered by wind most of the time. During this time, two propellers on the back of the ship will be dragged against the water and will rotate, generating electricity to be stored in batteries. This power will allow them to sail even in unfavorable wind conditions.

By applying this technology, Sailcargo Inc. seeks to mitigate the important problem of contamination generated by the traditional shipping industry and to be an active part of the global agenda to face climate change.

These data that reveal the impact of this sector:

foto por G Captain Magazine

The shipping industry is a topic that has been left out

Organizations like the Clean Shipping Coalition and a few countries like the Republic of the Marshall Islands worked hard to include these greenhouse gas emissions in the Paris Accord. Despite the seriousness of this, the emissions from the shipping industry is was not included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The fact that the emissions from the international shipping industry are not assigned to any country does not justify excluding this sector from the emissions reduction objectives.

The launching of this initiative in Costa Rica is not only important in raising awareness of this environmental catastrophe, but is also key in demonstrating that we have the talent and technology to develop better economic models for transportation.

Construction is in process!

CEIBA is now being built in Punta Morales with the support of donations and investors, who have the opportunity to buy shares and become co-owners of this ambitious, innovative project. Visit their website and become a part of this energy revolution!

foto por Sailcargo Inc.